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2022 2nd February A report from earlier in the year: For compost making participants were engaged in separating decomposable materials from non-decomposable materials .Ridding soil of non-decomposable materials improves on its fertility, water infiltration within the soils and the formulation of humus which is nutritious to plants and crops. The biodegradable materials collected by farmers such as weeds were used to make compost and humus and the non – decomposable materials burnt in a controlled way. Some training was co- facilitated with 2 intern students from Uganda Martyrs University where participants learnt about different agronomic practices.

2022 28th January CAKE BOARD CUTTING DEMONSTRATION AND GIVING OUT KITCHEN WARE. The Participants received various items for kitchen ware such as; big sauce pans, frying pans, bakery items and many more. These items were just an addition to others they had received during other trainings. The participants were so grateful; they danced and sung many songs as a way of showing their gratitude to BKB staff. They formed a saving group whereby they also started offering catering services in their community and neighboring villages using the cooking skills acquired. This does not only help them earn income but also to practice and perfect their skills.