Income Generation

A local poultry enterprise. She received poultry drinkers and chickens

The villagers need to develop skills enabling them to support themselves and their families.
Self-sufficiency is vital for them to be able to continue to improve their standard of living. 

The goal of the Income Generation program is to increase family income from the sale of surplus agricultural produce and or products of small businesses by: 

  • Improving business management skills through business management training for business enhancement or starting new businesses.
  • Increasing business opportunities in the area

We focus on Business and Skills Training, which are conducted through workshops taught by professional Ugandan trainers. Subjects will include basic business management, bookkeeping and marketing skills.   

Some of those attending workshops become Peer Educators, sharing their newfound knowledge with their communities. Local change is then led by local people. 

We provide ‘start-up’ assistance for businesses: e.g. poultry farms, pig and goat rearing, retails shops, agricultural produce, stalls selling cakes and biscuits. 

Donations:  £50 will go towards a workshop and providing practical help towards a business.