Income Generation

STORY:  Jane Kizito was among the first women  . . .   read more

Women and young adults need to develop skills enabling them to support themselves and their families. Self-sufficiency is vital for them to be able to continue to improve their standard of living.

We focus on:  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND SKILLS TRAIING which are conducted through workshops taught by professional Ugandan trainers. Subjects will include basic business management, bookkeeping and marketing skills. New skills are introduced such as teaching, carpentry, knitting, sewing . . .  Some of those attending workshops become Peer Educators, sharing their newfound knowledge with their communities.  Local change is then led by local people.  We provide ‘start-up’ assistance for businesses:  e.g. poultry farms, pig and goat rearing, retails shops . . .  Impossible to tell how many businesses flourish. We discover they are often set up long after we have left a village.
Help people to become self-sufficient:  1 day workshop:  £350;  start a business: £100