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Neither orphans nor their carers can afford the fees for Nursery Education.  Nurseries are not state funded.  We therefore sponsor orphans and vulnerable children at the start of their education.    The majority of the 121 children BkB sponsors (2014) are paid for by individuals in the UK and the States who will continue to support a child through primary school and beyond.

There are State Primary and Secondary Schools which are ‘free’ though all schools require pupils to provide equipment: uniforms, books, paper, pens, pencils, even toilet paper.  Because the standards in these schools leave much to be desired, many of the children we sponsor attend private primary and secondary schools where the standards vary to marginally better than state funded schools to a good standard.   In order to be accepted into a secondary school, children need to pass the entrance exam.

Many of the children we began sponsoring in 1999 are now either in further education or approaching that age.  Helping children through this stage is vital for their future ensuring they become self-sufficient.                            Help to change an orphans life through education:
Yearly:  Nursery school fees: £86;  Primary and Secondary children: uniform  lunches  and essential equipment: £86;  Vocational Institute fees: £150;   Living expenses:  £150

Uganda has few training schools for nursery school teachers. The Founder and Director of BkB opened a demonstration nursery school in 2008.  Here experienced teachers from the States and the UK hold workshops for nursery and lower primary school teachers. The school now has a long waiting list, parents putting down a child’s name before it is born.