Neither orphans nor their carers can afford the fees for nursery education.  Nurseries are not state funded.  We therefore sponsor orphans and vulnerable children at the start of their education.   

As in the UK, there are both state funded and private primary and secondary schools.  The majority of the children we sponsor attend private schools which provide consistently higher educational standards. 

Many of the children we began sponsoring in 1999 are now in further education or have been through technical colleges or university.    Helping children through this stage is vital for their future ensuring they obtain work thereby becoming self-sufficient and in addition they are able to support their families.

Donations: Sponsoring a child is £96 per year.  Some sponsors go on to pay for the full cost of schooling once a child reaches secondary and further education.  

Further Education472
EXTRAS: Uniform, Lunches, Equipment
Primary Day97172135
Secondary Day132246190
Education costs per year (2022)

Teachers’ Professional Development  BkB has a long history of training teachers.  Experienced teachers from the UK and USA have held workshops over the past 20 years for nursery and primary school teachers which have always been oversubscribed.  We have set up demonstration nursery and primary schools at Gogolo Education Centre (off the Entebbe-Kampala road).  This is where we hold training courses for in-service teachers.  We plan to have regular certificated courses in tune with the Government’s agenda to be held at this centre over weekends and the school holidays.