Agriculture and Nutrition

Sound agriculture is crucial to improving the lives of orphans and the community.
A large portion of daily work in rural Uganda involves producing food, either by growing crops or raising animals.
Without parents, orphans and their guardians struggle to secure enough food to survive.

The work in our Organic Demonstration Farm is now taken into remote villages.  This work is led by our Farm Manager and the Nutritionist who visit the village to give instruction every week for a year,  A deputy manager takes up residence in or near the village ready to give assistance at any time.  

Training is given in every aspect of organic farming while the Nutritionist concentrates on Hygiene (every family is encouraged to have a pit latrine and cover, tip-tap for washing hands, a dish rack and rubbish pit.) and foods for healthy living.  Different foods and their uses are taught, new dishes demonstrated paying particular attention to the needs of children.  Plants, seeds, tools and other items of equipment are given the villagers. 

Donations £20 will pay towards gifts of seeds, chickens, cooking equipment . . .