There are over two million orphans in Uganda.  Many of these children will have lost their parents at an early age to diseases such as AIDS.   Bega kwa Bega* (BkB) works to ensure that the orphans do not have to face life alone.  The challenges faced by these orphans and other vulnerable children are complex and interrelated.  Living conditions, health care and education must evolve together.

We believe that all the basic needs of a child must be our concern in order for the child to thrive and that orphans should remain in their own homes.  We therefore help orphans to:

Strengthen their relationships with extended families & communities;  Hold on to their property rights;  Acquire the knowledge and skills to become financially self-sufficient.

In order to carry out these aims we have established 6 linked projects:

Water, Health, Agriculture, Income Generation, Education, Children’s Rights.

*The name Bega kwa Bega means Shoulder to Shoulder.  It is Swahili and is therefore not associated with any particular tribe in Uganda.