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Villagers face health concerns that diminish their ability to improve their lives. HIV/AIDS, malaria, childhood illnesses such as measles, tetanus, parasitic diseases and malnutrition devastate communities. HIV/AIDS in particular has caused immeasurable damage. Large numbers of HIV-related illnesses and deaths from AIDS have a particular impact on education and agriculture, overburdening community resources.  In order to confront these issues Bega kwa Bega runs a MOBILE CLINIC which visits remote villages taking professionals to the communities.

TREATMENT ranges from providing pain relief and cough medicines to medication such as anti-parasite and anti-fungi for more complicated conditions. Childhood diseases, malaria and other tropical maladies are also prescribed for.  VACCINATION addresses one of the most troubling health issues in Uganda, the death of children from preventable diseases. An average of 17,000 patients a year are treated.
HEALTH EDUCATION plays a critical role in the work of the Mobile Clinic following our philosophy of providing sustainable training to communities. The Clinic’s health workers train villagers who then pass on their knowledge to their communities through health education workshops.

The HOME VISITOR engages with families who have multiple health issues.  She will teach families of orphans how to install hand washing stations near latrines, how to cover latrines, plant vegetable gardens and plan nutritious meals   When possible she will give the family a small gift such as seed packets, mosquito nets, tree seedlings . . .                                                        Please help the work of the clinic:
Sponsor a nurse: £250 pays for 2 sessions a week for 6 months
Mosquito net:  £5        3 malaria testing kits:  £10        Drugs for one session:  £115