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Bega kwa Bega – helping communities in need to help themselves

We support orphans & vulnerable children in remote Ugandan villages
by working with the whole community.

Latest News

29th November 2021 BkB’s Nutritionist after her weekly visit to Kasoozo:

A demonstration on 2 Income Generating food items was done. The food items were samosas and vegetable pies. The types made for the former are bean samosas and rice samosas and for the latter, cabbage pies and Irish potato pies.The two food items were balanced with major food nutrients as required by the body such as; carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.  Thus apart from income generation the foods also improve the nutritious status of the consumers.

22nd November 2021 From BkB’s Agriculture Manager on his weekly visit to a small village, Nasoozo.

Farmers planted improved potatoes vein variety at the demonstration garden. The variety that is known as Naspot 13 is also locally known as kipapali. It is rich in vitamin A and proven to enhance eye sight. It’s demand is high because of its short maturity period of 3 months Beside being eaten as a tuber the potatoes can also be processed into powder form and consumed in form of porridge hence very good for our children….

16th November 2021

We have a new Protected Spring – Richardson Spring. It is in the village of Nakanyenya in central Uganda. It provides clean water for 4 villages, 500 households, 2 schools (700 children) and a clinic.

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Uganda Registration No: 2869
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