Finding funds to support Bega kwa Bega is hard work.  We are now looking towards becoming self-sufficient.  We are constructing a Children’s Play Centre. This will bring in much needed revenue from Ugandans who will be supporting their own orphans.

However, our biggest need is funds to build a large Primary School.  This will bring in enough revenue to support almost all the work we do.  Not only that, it will be a centre of excellence where teachers will receive training.  It is an expensive project, some £900,000 will be needed.  If you have ideas how we might raise this amount . . . .children by tree cropped

In the meantime, we need funds, £80,000 a year, to support the work we do now.  We are grateful for all donations large and small.

   PayPal               Text Giving:  BKBU22 £5   To:  70070

Cheques:  Uganda Orphans Bega kwa Bega

Send to:  Camilla Broadbent  41 Goldhawk Road  London W12 8QP           020 8743 0655


LEGACIES   Leaving a gift to BkB in your will is an opportunity to ensure your involvement in the future of orphaned children in Uganda, contributing to their health, their education and their economic stability.