Volunteer to help in Uganda

 Who would like to spend some time in Uganda?  Probably a good many people.  BUT you need to ask yourself:  ‘What have I got to give?’

Anyone going to a ‘developing country’ needs to have a skill they can pass on which will help people towards self-sufficiency.M4034S-4211

We have had volunteers, experienced teachers, who have gone over for 2 to 3 weeks spending time training teachers.  This has been immensely beneficial, some Ugandan teachers travelling up to 100 miles to attend the courses.  A volunteer from Scotland has been over many times teaching women and older girls how to use knitting machines.   Many women are now earning a living as a result.  Over 250 machines have been sent over to groups in 27 centres.

We have had Peace Corps workers who spend two years helping in a particular area.  Nurses have gone out and helped with the Mobile Clinic.


Contact:  jccbroadbent@gmail.com