Emmanuel’s father abandoned the family.  His mother seldom finds the funds to send her son to school.  She has tried to get work, but to no avail.  She attempted to start a hairdressing business.  This was not a success.  The family lives in one room which the customers did not find inviting.

Emmanuel loved  going to school and performed well.  Nursery school  is important as this is where the children should be learning English.  Lessons in primary and secondary schools are in English.  Emmanuel now has a sponsor so he does not miss out on his education.

Emma Jjuuko head2

£84 sends a child to Nursery School for a year. This sum will pay for uniform, school equipment and lunches when a child moves on to primary and secondary schooling which is ‘free’.  Education for children in Uganda is the gateway to leaving behind extreme poverty and becoming not only self-sufficient but acquiring the ability to support their families.

BkB sponsors an average of 135 children every year.  The majority of these children have an individual sponsor from either the UK or the States.

If you would like to sponsor a child contact:   Camilla Broadbent  (UK Coordinator)
020 8743 0655   jccbroadbent@gmail.com